Looking for a Netflix alternative once the price for streaming and discs combined jumps in September? Amazon Prime Instant Video is becoming an increasingly appealing option, especially now that it announced TV shows from CBS are coming to the all-you-can-eat video streaming service this summer. The deal appears to be similar to one CBS reached with Netflix earlier this year, also including the complete Star Trek series among 18 "popular TV shows" with complete seasons available. Including the new selections from CBS Prime Instant Video is claiming over 6,000 movies and TV shows available, a number which is still dwarfed by Netflix's Watch Instantly library but does include those shipping benefits on purchases. Since we love free shipping and Frasier, it's a win / win for us.
Find ich persönlich eine interessante Entwicklung das alles nur noch online konsumiert wird. Gerade die all-you-can-eat Angebote finde ich sehr verlockend. $79/year finde ich persönlich auch vom Preis her vollkommen in Ordnung, jetzt wo alle Star Trek folgen erhältlich sind . Leider wie so vieles in der Richtung für Deutsche nicht verfügbar.